"Spoke with Al Miller on the phone. We agreed on a price for the bike and add ons I wanted. I arrived at the shop around 11:00 am on a Saturday. The bike was ready with all the goodies already installed. We filled out all the paperwork, and I rode off on my new Goldwing in about an hour. Could not have gone any better. Thank You Bill "William Loftin | McKinney, TX | ★★★★★
"My 2013 Goldwing is the 18th motorcycle from Max's , they are good people , good service , and will do whatever they can do to get you on a bike and I'm sure my 19 & 20 will be from them !!!"Bob Kincheloe | Big Spring, TX | ★★★★★
C Ann Childress | Hodges, TX | ★★★★★
"John Poor...Quality sales rep that puts no sales pressure on you when you are looking at a bike. He listens to what you want and if he does not have it in stock will tell you about possible bikes coming in or will contact you when he gets a bike that you are looking for. Awesome buying experience! As soon as the deal was made on the bike, John was there to help with the accessories we wanted. No turning us over to a different sales person to help with the accessories. Great concept, one sales rep for the entire customer experience! Thanks John and a great job by your service center making sure I completely understood how to use all of the options and gadgets on the Wing. Max's will get all of my future business."Rodney Born | San Angelo, TX | ★★★★★
C ANN | Hawley, TX | ★★★★★
Bruce Popko | Arlington, TX | ★★★★★